Cutting boards & Serving platters

Butchers Block 

Made form Solid Oak
Size: 680x880mm
Price: From R 39,00.00 excl VAT
Beech block with square legs: R 15,500.00
Beech block with runed legs: R 16,600.00

Code: BSP020

Cutting Board 

End grain cutting board made with Oak
Size: 315x315x50

Code: BSP012

Cutting Board 

Flat grain cutting board
Size: 400x300x35

Code: BSP010

Heart shaped boards  

Heart shaped cutting board from various timber.
Size: ± 310x350x15

Code: BSP023

Kiaat Salt Board  

Kiaat board with 5 x round cut outs for spices.
Size: 80x400x30

Code: BSP022

Meranti Board 

Meranti board
Size: 350x120x50

Code: BSP014

Oak Board 

Oak serving plate with indentation
Size: 300x180x25

Code: BSP013

Oak Board 

Round Oak bowl
Size: 270x50

Code: BSP019

Oak Board 

Name: Oak board with side grooves
Size: 320 x 210 x 20
Size: 420 x 320 x 20

Code: BSP018

Oak Board 

Oak board with round cutting in corner
Size: 400x210x20


Oak Board 

Oak with 4x round cuttings, ideal for taco`s.
Size: 450x80x35

Code: BSP006

Oak Board 

Small Oak board
Size: 200 x 100 x 8
Size: 400 x 100 x 8

Code: BSP001

Oak Board 

Burned Oak board
Size: 465x250x25

Code: BSP011

Oak Board 

Oak board with Purple Heart inlay
Size: 250x130x10

Code: BSP003

Oak Board 

Oak board with Purple Heart inlay
Size: 245x160x15


Pine Board 

Pine square
Size: 210x160x25

Code: BSP005

Teak Board 

Rhodesian Teak board
Size: 325x180x20

Code: BSP009

Wine Barrel Bowl  

Old Wine barrel bowl with s/steel legs
Size: 465x260x25

Code: BSP021

Wonder Oil  - R65.00

White pharmaceutical oil
For treating all cutting boards

Code: BSP015
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